Lipari, Salina and Vulcano


Navigate to Valle l’Muria, following the island clockwise. The first stop could be to swim in the waters of the Faraglioni, between Vulcano and Lipari, then visit the Grotta degli Angeli (cave of the Angels). At Valle l’Muria, you can stop a few hours. The beach is equipped with bar service, so you can enjoy a good sandwich on the shore or in the shade! There is also the possibility to rent beach umbrellas and sun beds. Then you can continue to the Grotte di Ponente. This is certainly the most beautiful and natural part of the island. In addition to beautiful caves, there are various bays with beautiful colors that will invite you to dive into the Blue! The return will be in the evening.



From the Port of Lipari, this time navigating counterclockwise, you can see the white beaches of Pomice. Then you proceed to Salina. Once you have reached the island, the first stop can be Lingua. Visit the quaint little salty lake, but the most important stop is the Bar of Alfredo with the very special fruit slush. Back in the boat and head to Malfa, there are no stops, our next destination is the charming Pollara, where the postman of Massimo Troisi was filmed. A nice swim in the clear waters of this volcanic basin will be perfect before the lunch break. Continue towards Rinella, a small fishing village, for a last swim. The return to Lipari will be along the west coast of the island.



From the port of Lipari and arrival at Vulcano Porto Levante. Here guests will have the opportunity to visit the country, the caves of alum sludge and the sulphurous bubbling water. Or for those who will like, it is possible to climb to the crater. It takes about 2 hours between rising and falling, but it is really exciting, because in addition to the fumaroles on the crater, the flowers of sulfur and volcanic cakes, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the other islands. We return on board, but this time from Porto Ponente, where you can swim in the famous black sands. Navigating in a counterclockwise direction, you reach the most beautiful stop of the trip, the pool of Venus and the Grotta del Cavallo (Horse Cave). The bathroom here is a must! Continuing to navigate the next stop will be made at the lava caves (about 100 meters long), a guide will accompany you in order not to lose yourself. Continue to Gelso and then stop at the beach du Sceccu (Donkey) with the possibility of a little stop to eat at the fishing village. Then you will complete the circumnavigation of the island and then back to the Port. During the various excursions, the boatman Barny will offer a sweet break with cake accompanied by a good glass of Sicilian Malvasia.